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    WWD Rules (read BEFORE posting)


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    WWD Rules (read BEFORE posting) Empty WWD Rules (read BEFORE posting)

    Post by Yagami on Sat Mar 10, 2012 6:49 pm

    These rules are subject to change at any given time without warning.

    1.) WWD is a PG13 forum- meaning that unless you are age 13 or above, you must have parental consent. This means that you have to ask your legal guardian (a parent, maybe?) to use this site. If you choose not to obey this rule, you may expose yourself to mature material not suited for those younger than 13 years of age.

    2.) Cursing is allowed, but keep it minimal, and no major curses, such as the "f-bomb" nor are you allowed to direct curses towards other users. This will be considered harassment.

    3.) If you have nothing instructive or nice to say, don't say it at all. By doing to you are giving the admins a reason to ban you.
    -Flaming, rumors, drama, harassment
    -Naming & Shaming: Pointing out art theft. Please contact staff if you see something wrong.
    -Relevant words about homosexuality
    -Racial slang of any sort
    -Talk of illegal drugs
    -Talk of rape of any sort
    -Negative criticism
    -Prejudice against religious or spiritual beliefs and extremist viewpoints
    -Threats of any sort, not even joking threats
    -Threats or talk of self harm
    -Explicit links
    -Talk of ones ban or another's

    4.) Do not spam. Spamming may include:
    -Multiple topics containing similar or the exact same content
    -Creating a new topic of something that has already been posted
    -Polls that have no relevance
    -Posting spam on another’s topic
    -One worded posts such as "oh" or "hi"
    -Double+ posting
    -Advertising websites via PM

    5.) You may only have one account here. Administrators can see IP addresses (the name of your internet connection) and you will not be fooling anyone this way. Any double accounting members will be warned and finally, their second account will be banned.

    6.) Do not blog or post journal topics here. These are considered spam and will be locked/deleted.

    7.) Do not post "Do You Like Me" or "What Do You Think Of Me" threads. They will be removed as they are considered spam.

    8.) Posting art that is not yours to claim is art theft and you will be instantly banned from the forums.

    9.) Please bump topics every 24 hours. Bumping will move your topic to the top of the board. If you bump within 24 hours, your thread is subject to being locked.

    10.) All members are to respect the thoughts, opinions, and the right to forum use of all other members. Any personal discrepancies between members should either be dealt with outside of the site, or through site staff. Failure to abide by these rules may result in a ban from WWD.

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